Here For Joe Charity Fund


Hello friends. How are you holding up? It has been a bittersweet, chaotic, and beautiful few days. People keep flooding out of the woodwork showing and sharing their love. 

How potent and poignant life is when we are forced to sit and appreciate that which can so easily be taken for granted. 

Here For Joe Charity Fund is now in full force. Per the Ramas family’s request, we have created a foundation where you may support and help to continue Joe’s efforts to build community through Fractal Tribe. Building this community was one of Joe’s greater passions.

Donations will enable Joe’s dream for the growth and development of Fractal Tribe’s future endeavors, including the establishment of a long-term circus scholarship and development fund (coming soon).

Click here –

What is Fractal Tribe? 

“We are Fractal Tribe. An internationally performing circus troupe, a group of friends, and a fledgling intentional community.  We build systems that help us share our resources, from the food we grow in our community garden, to the props and costumes we build in-house. We share our hardware, and knowledge…I love being a part of a community where I get to take a little extra risk.  People will help me up, and catch me if I fall.”

~Joe Ramas

Please share and spread this cause like wild fire

Be well and talk soon. 


More to come. 


3 thoughts on “Here For Joe Charity Fund

      1. Thank you. I’m following this thread also. We weren’t able to be there to say goodbye since we live on the East Coast, but we very much would like to be there for the funeral/wake/memorial.


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