Visitors Now Welcome

Both Joe and Stacey’s families are now welcoming visitors. Thank you for honoring their prior request for privacy.


Request For Privacy From Joe’s Family

Joe being Joe at about 1 AM in Washington DC several years ago.


Hello Here For Joe followers. Joe’s family has arrived and are asking for privacy at the moment. They will let us know and we will pass on to you when visitors are welcome. Thank you for joining all of us in sending them positive thoughts and being ready to support them in whatever way works for them. Please lift Stacey’s family in your thoughts as well, as they are also scheduled to arrive today.

Welcome to The Here For Joe Blog

Welcome to all family and friends of Joe R, currently in critical condition but stable after being hit while at a stop light by another driver estimated to have rear ended his vehicle at 50 mph. We will attempt to provide a means to share information on this site, but as we navigate what’s available via WordPress, we aim to keep this page updated with news of his condition. Any needs of family and friends will also be shared here as quickly as possible.

As mentioned, Joe is in stable condition but experiencing brain swelling for which he had surgery to remove a portion of his skull to relieve the pressure. Friends were allowed to visit on this his first day in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), directed first not to speak to or touch him, and then being allowed to do both–a good sign. His family is currently requesting privacy, so please aim to be as unobtrusive as possible if visiting the hospital.

Thank you for sending prayers, love and light Joe’s way. His healing began the moment after his injury, and we all look forward to his next big hug.